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    Intel Dual Band Wireless AC7260 Never Worked Correctly After 6 Months, Constant Disconnects and now with latest drivers versions it's unable to connect AP.


      My previous WNIC was a Broadcom and i NEVER had any issues at all, after i bought this Intel Dual Band Wireless AC7260 i saw problems and more problems since the first day, the main problem description:

      After being connected for a period of time (it's random) i see the connection dropping and showing on connection status "Limited connectivity" message, sometimes it can recover after some minutes (rarely), others i'm forced to disconnect/connect so i get it fixed again for a period of time, until it happens again, i was hopping that this could be fixed with new drivers, but unfortunatelly i was wrong.

      Also i need to mention this situation happens on ANY AP i connect the Intel Dual Band Wireless AC7260 card, if i replace for any other card (Broadcom, Realtek, Ralink, Atheros) all of them work perfectly fine, without any issues at all.


      Since the beginning i was always able to connect to my AP even with this annoying issue happening, but since the latest 17.x and all 18.x versions when i install it the first time i'm able to connect for a small period of time but after disconnecting (probably the same previous issue) im unable to connect anymore, even if i try reconnect or reinstall the driver, i'm forced to downgrade to older drivers so i can connect again, even with the disconnect issue present.


      So basically this a unacceptable situation, i have tried all kind of things with Power Management, Advanced Settings, Removing Wireless Profile and Reconnect, use Intel Wireless Software to connect, etc and nothing gets fixed, i also have read the legions of issues posted by other users in here and on other forums about this card and it seems a plague to me, nothing gets fixed after all this time and after so much drivers updates, this is a real disappointment on an Intel product.

      Please check the video to confirm the issue with latest drivers:



      Why Intel drivers dont have a changelog file included? I which to take a look at them to confirm what possible caused lastest drivers not working with my card, theres a obvious driver issue here.


      Intel System Identification Utility Reference Number: 0319 9973

      OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit

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