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    Edison Sleep




      I want to read sensor data once in a minute. I was able to do that flawlessly in Yocto 1.6. But yesterday, I updated my board for 1.7.2 and then the problem started.


      If I try reading the value once in a minute, Edison is giving junk values. While reading for every 5 seconds work well, I'm facing problem with higher time difference between measurement intervals. I suspect that the Edison is going to sleep after being idle for 10 seconds or so. If the module is going to sleep, how should I disable the sleep mode? Or how should I wake the Edison up before 1 minute so that I get the correct data?


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          Do you believe this is an issue with the XDK IDE or with the board itself? You can log to Linux and run ps to see if the process is still running after being in idle.

          You can also run dmesg for more information. Post a picture of the dmesg output.