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      hi im having some issues with my computer, sometime my desktop just reboot by itself, sometimes after 5 min sometimes after a couple of hours, after the first reboot it keep doing again and again until i just shut the power, at this moment the case is open so is not the temperature, i check the memory ram, remove 1 of them and use just one memory then i switch the memory and the same, update the BIOS on my MOBO, reinstall the windows, check the power supply using a power supply tester, plug the power supply tester, turn or the power supply and leave it like this arround 1 hour and it work fine but when i connect everything else and the problem keep comming, on the BIOS show me the internal temperature at 46 C and the CPU temperature at 38 C, remove all the hardware and leave just the HDD and one cd drive but nothing, remove the CPU fan and clean it, add more cooling paste on the CPU... i dont know what else can i check, PLEASE I NEED SOME HELP!!!!!! who can give me some ideas about how to fix this??? im using an intel mobo G35EC with the cpu E8400, 2 Gb ram 800 mhz, the video card is an  XFX 9800 gt, the power supply is 550W, changed the CPU fan...

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          Hi Chuovzla,


          Without a little more detail on your hardware, it is difficult to suggest which component may be causing this. Which memory are you using?(make and model),

          Have you tested the issue without the external GFX card (just use the onboard) and also what is the make and model of your power supply?

          Sounds like it could be either memory, psu or possibly hard disk. Are there any entries in the Windows Event Log following the restart, does it happen in safe mode?



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            thx for your answer, the power supply that im using is the power up 550 w atx, the mory i used 2 kind first i was using 2 memory of 1 Gb each the brand was nvidia, the part number is ocz2n800sr2gk and it work at 800 Mhz, then i used centon, 2 memory of 1 Gb each they also work at 800 Mhz and the part number is 2GBDDR2KIT800 and it was worst because with those memory the computer reboot after a couple of sec, i checked Windows Event Log and it say your computer shut down without reason, click the potion that allow me to check online and when i go to the microsoft website they dont have any error for this, i hope this information can help you to help me, thx again

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              Any chassis fans on this unit? (and are they spinning?)


              46C internal temperature is on the HOT side.


              When a CPU is cooler than the motherboard, something does not sound right.