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    How to test 6600K if bad


      Hi, I have a new 6600K and an MSI mobo. I cannot get the combo to post. I sent the mobo back to mfg and got second one, but same problem. The leds on the mobo flicker between ram problem and cpu problem. Put ram in all slots and combos of all, reset cmos, changed PSU but all give same and no post. Verified no bent pins on mobo. Does anyone have any other ideas?





      MOBO                        Z170A PC Mate s/n 601-7971-020B1507006320

      CPU                         I5 6600K

      PSU                         ULTRA Xfinity ULT XF500 2 12v rails 16A and 18A

      CPU fan                     Zalman CNPS5X

      RAM                         Crucial Ballistix DDR4 8G (2x4G) BLS2C4G4D240FSA

      BIOS                        As Shipped

      VGA                         EVGA GeForce GT740

      HDD                         Seagate 500G SATA

      OS                           Win 8.1

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          Update. I left the unit on for quite a while, and the system posted and came up. I seem to have an issue with two memory slots. If there is a memory stick in either slot 3 or 4 or both, the board will not post or load anything. It just has the easy debug LEDs flashing between ram and cpu. If I put either stick in slot 1 or 2, or both sticks in 1 and 2 it posts and loads Windows. Motherboard mfg. says sticks should be in 2 and 4 first. This seems to be a motherboard issue, but is there a way or test to check that the CPU is healthy? Thanks, Al K.

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            OK, it seems like every time I put a message on here I stop and think about what might come back as a reply. I found the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool and ran it on the board and processor. It comes back and says Pass on all supported functions of the test. There were a few tests that were unsupported, Front side bus test, QPI test, PCH test and PCH ERUM test. The rest have PASS next to the test. I am assuming that the processor is good. Can anyone verify this so I can go focus on the motherboard? Thanks, Al K.

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              1. Try again after disconnecting all devices not essential for booting.
              2. Try again after removing motherboard from case.
              3. Look for any metal standoffs positioned where they should not be and causing shorts.