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    Intel 750 activity led (pcie)


      Hi guys,
      I'm having some issues with the 750 ssd and the hdd activity led on my case. For some reason there is NO activity led, though the system works just fine with no crushes, errors,  etc. By "No activity led" I mean, it just semi blinks for one or two times during boot and never blinks again, whatever I do (games, installing apps, running intel optimizer, etc). Have tried all the usual and possible things to check but no luck. *The led on my case works fine for the record.
      My specs are :

      Asus Rampage V Extreme/ 3.1 usb revision
      Intel core i7 5820K @ 3,6Ghz
      Corsair dominator 16GB DDR4 @ 3000Mhz

      Intel 750 ssd (pcie version, Connected on PCI e 3.0 x8, so works x4) **Latest Firmware with Toolbox 3.3.1/ latest driver
      MSI 290x Lighting
      Running Windows 10 Pro x64 fully updated (no option here )


      Tried both with CSM on and off, no difference

      Looking forward to hearing from you!

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          We have just tested an Intel® SSD 750 Series in a similar environment and the activity led flashes just normal while browsing on the Internet and also when playing games and etc...

          Does this happen only with the SSD or to any other drive?

          Did you check if the connector for this LED is connected to the proper header on the motherboard?

          Please check with the motherboard manufacturer to see if they have any updates since the SSD is working normally as you have reported.

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            Hi Aleki,

            Thanks for your reply!

            As i stated in my system specs, intel 750 is my one and only drive :-P . I have 2 external hdds for all the junk which i rarely turn on. I want my system plain and simple. 750 is the boot and the only drive installed for OS a few games and some programs (i dont really use any more than 160 gb of space; normaly im at 120-150gb used space). So IF there was a led activity, it would have been from 750 and only. But as i told ya, the led semi blinks about 2 times in the boot up process and a 1-2 in the shut down. There is nothing i can do to in the windows enviroment to make it blink :-P (neither games, programs, clean up/test etc).

            Of course i have connected the cable to the right spot (not my 1st build here) and as i wrote, i double checked polarity, pins, etc and the case led is working. It just dont show the ssd activity!!
            **Forgot to mention that my mobo (asus Rampage V/3.1 usb rev) is fully updated to the lastest UEFI BIOS version 1502-nvme support came from v1302.



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              Guys, any news on this one? Any fix comin' soon or something?

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                Hello chr1707


                Before we go any further, please do the following:

                1 - Check for possible BIOS update for the motherboard.

                2 - Check for SSD firmware updates. You can you the Intel® SSD Datacenter Tool

                3 - Make sure you have the latest driver for the Intel® SSD 750 Series. Here is the link: Intel® Solid-State Drive Data Center Family for NVMe Drivers

                Let us know the results so we can move on into the next step if necessary.

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                  Hello Aleki,
                  Thanks for your reply, though in my first post I have stated that I have
                  a) latest firmware for my Rampage V extreme/3.1 usb rev
                  b) latest firmware for intel 750 with toolbox 3.3.1 and latest driver for 750  v
                  I managed to intall the latest driver, unlike WebMaximus!
                  So why are you asking me to check the same things again? There isn't anything new to upgrade to, and even your latest driver doesn't solve the issue.

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                    Not sure why I didn't notice this before either. Mine is exactly the same. My RAID volume and other single disk make my HDD LED work as you would expect, but the 750 1.2TB does nothing. Latest firmware and drivers also.

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                      Its becoming pretty clear its something on their side. Hope they realize it soon and fix it...
                      **In the toolbox are you having the issue with the health bars/estimated life etc, or is it working properly with the new firm and driver?

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                        Hello chr1407,


                        The Intel® Solid-State Drive Toolbox version 3.3.1 is not intended for PCIe drives such as the Intel® SSD 750 series.

                        We recommend that for this specific drive you use the Intel® SSD Datacenter Tool. Here is the link: Intel® Solid-State Drive Data Center Tool  make sure you follow the instructions provided in the guide. Click here as well: GUIDEAre you experiencing any other issue other than the LED?

                        Once you have the data center tool installed, run these commands:

                        1 - isdct.exe show intelssd

                        2 - isdct.exe show intelssd 0 (where 0 is the index of the SSD)

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                          Aleki, I'm currently running the Data center utility. That's how I upgraded to the latest firmware as I posted you in the previous screenshots.
                          I'm not experiencing any other issues apart from the led issue and the "kinda slow" boot times.
                          *I don't see anywhere that the toolbox in not intended for the 750 pcie versions. In its description in fact is stated that 750 is supported and the toolbox worked flawlessly till recent driver and firmware update. How can I easily see the health status and the expected remaining life with the data center utility, how can I run the ssd optimizer, quick and full scan? Features that the toolbox provided very straightforward.

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                            I have this same issue.


                            Intel SSD750 400GB PCIe card version in an Asus P9x79 WS board with an i7-3930k


                            There is no light output from the motherboard HDD LED connector at all during PCIe Expansion card drive activity.


                            It's not a show stopper, but it is annoying to not be able to glance at the case and tell if it is doing anything.