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    Different info for new drivers on the site? Clarification please.


      Hello, I read different information on the site for the same thing. Which one is right?
      This that says that the new driver is compatible with windows 10 32bit and 64bit with 4th generation processors (i presume i5-4460 too).

      This that says it is not compatible with windows 10 32bit with 4th generation processors in the "supported products" section but only with windows 10 64bit.



      Thanks in advance.


      P.S.: I think I am not mistaken or have misread something, but if I am, I apologise in advance.

      P.S.2: The "release notes PDF" from the first choice and the "32bit read me" link from the second, both mention windows 10 32bit in the 4th generation processors section.