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    Sound card issue with DX58SO


      I recently built a system using the Intel DX58SO and a core i7 940 processor, with Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit. The board has a built in 7.1 surround sound, and I have a 5.1 speaker system, it is the Logitech X-540. When I hook up the speakers, the two rear speakers do not playback any sound. For sake of process of elimination, I will list the diagnostic and troubleshooting steps I've already taken:

      I've tried playing back sound from different sources: online sites, itunes, media player, and playing a test sound to each speaker separatly using the Windows sound configuration utility, as well as the Realteck HD Audio Manager.

      I've ensured that in both the Windows Utility, and the Realtek manager, it's set to a 5.1 system.

      The speakers were previously hooked up to a system with a non-integrated 5.1 card, with XP. I left all cords exactly as they are, and switched just the 3 3.5mm jacks back into the old card. All 5 speakers and the sub playback just fine. So I know the wiring configuration is correct, and I know the hardware isn't malfunctioning.

      I tried downloading the lastest Realtek HD Audio drivers from the Realtek site, and when this didn't work, I uninstalled those, and downloaded the latest HD Audio drivers from the intel site, by entering the model number and OS type for my mobo. Either set of drivers installed still results in no sound from the rear speakers.

      I tried downloading the most up to date version of the motherboard BIOS drivers directly from the intel site, and installed them successfully.

      I've tried changing the configuration of the wires, even though I'm certain they're currently correct, the results are:

      (To simplify things I'll explain the X-540 color configuration. There are 5 separate cords, one from each speaker, that all go into the back of the sub. From the back of the sub there are 3 3.5mm audio outputs. The green, representing the front 2 speakers. The black, representing the back 2 speakers, and The yellow, representing the sub and center channel. The motherboard also seems to follow this exact configuration, in that there are a green, black, and yellow port. All results are from tests using the Realtek HD Audio Manager, and Windows sound configuration utility.)

      When all plugs are into their corresponding colors, the rear 2 speakers do not work.

      When I put the black plug into the green port, and click to test either of the front speakers, the test sound plays through the rear speaker.

      When I put the green plug into the black port, and click to test either of the rear speakers, no sound plays back.

      When I put the black plug into the yellow port, and click to test the sub or center, the test sound plays through the rear speaker.


      Since the X-540s have a unique feature, I thought it might be applicable. There is a button on the control device that activates the "matrix" feature. This creates false 5.1 sound for when the speakers are used with devices that don't have true 5.1. It creates fake channels for the rear speakers. The sound quality while in matrix mode is severely diminished.

      When I put all the plugs in normally, and activate the matrix mode, both the rear speakers play back, but in the diminished sound mode.


      These are all the troubleshooting steps I could think to take. I would greatly appriciate anyone else's suggestion or ideas on other things I can do to fix this issue, or determine what is causing the problem. Thanks in advance for any help anyone is able to provide.

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          I am having the exact same issue with the Logitech X-530 speakers. If i let windows install a default audio driver, my surround speakers work fine but the stability of the driver is poor. when i install the realtec drivers my 2 rear speakers drop out and accordding to the realtec software it appears that no speakers are plugged into the ports. Glad to see i'm not the only one with this issue but still upset that the problem is there. I've tried all released drivers with the same exact problem. I'm running win7 64bit ultimate. Hope that helps.

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            Did you find an answer for this problem?


            I had the same problem. here's what I did


            Goto Realtek window, click connector settings (small folder-like icon on top right), check " Disable front panel jack detection".

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              You are using analog or digital connection to the speakers?

              If you are using analog connection you can disable (in 7.1) config the missing speakers and assign the back audio ports to match your speakers.