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    NUC5i7RYH did not wake from sleep mode -- recovered by please advise


      I dual boot Windows 10 and Ubuntu Desktop 15.04 (95% of my time is in Ubuntu). The system did not recover from sleep mode this morning. Fixing it was a major PITA. I took the unit apart, unplugged the CMOS, reassembled, made a physical connection to the network, enabled UEFI, disabled legacy boot and successfully updated the BIOS. Now running RYBDWi35.86A.0350.2015.0812.1722. Then I disabled UEFI and enabled legacy boot and was able to restart my system and get back to Ubuntu successfully. That wasted a full hour of time. I don't even want to have to do that again.


      Intel Support: Please confirm that you have fixed the BIOS bug that has been causing this problems for Ubuntu/Linux users.


      If the bug is still alive and kicking, please describe the steps and settings required to keep it from happening again (for now I set the Ubuntu power setting to "Don't Suspend"). In the BIOS I have enabled the USB 4/5 setting.


      Thank You,