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    D945GCLF2 Boot Video Device

      I just purchased this board for use in a CarPC mounted in a show vehicle. I have both VGA and the S-Video hooked up all the time as it runs as a dual monitor setup, currently running Windows 7 but will be moving back to XP as the hibernate recovery just takes WAY too long.


      The issue I have is that on boot, the board uses the s-video as the primary video output instead of the VGA. I've updated to the current Bios and there is no setting that I can see that will allow me to define which device is used as the primary boot video device. Is there any way i can make it default to the VGA?? Trying to make any changes to the bios on a 7" screen running s-video is like trying to read a book underwater without goggles.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Short answer No. sorry

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            I got the same board, i dont see why u having that problem. There is a BIOS setting under "VIDEO Configuration" (i think thats the name). Well in there u set your preference for video boot up.  I only see two choices - IGD (Onboard) OR PCI. The choice is clear, select IGD for default. If you cannot get it to automatically, boot to VGA then U got a VGA problem (or cable or monitor, of course). As I mentioned before, I have the SAME board, it boots striaght to VGA. It was even set to default to PCI. The board is supposed to boot to VGA by default, everything else is selectable OR simultaneous output. Hope this helps !