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    Running vPro OOB Mgt without SCCM


      I have been having problems with getting the Out of Band Management Console to run because my normal login account is too large to work with all of our AMT devices.  The Kerberos token size is the problem.  The problem I have encountered is I have to logoff and login using a small test account when I want to use OOBMC. This prevents me from doing anyhting elase.

      I created a commandline script that will run the OOBMC as a runas user to avoid the logoff's.


      et 2 variables at the top and its ready to go.

      You need to have the SCCM console installed on the computer as it uses oobconsole.exe to run "outside of the box".

      It does a WMI query to the SCCM server to find the resource ID for the specific PC then does a runas on the oobconsole.exe


      No warranties expressed or implied.  Use at your own risk, yada, yada, yada....



      @echo off



      set _Version=1.0

      set _pcname=

      set _SID=

      set _newloginas=



      :: Change these Variables for your environment

      set _loginas=DOMAIN\USER

      Set _SCCMServer=FQDN of SCCM Server

      :: ***********************************************



      time /t


      echo Start Out Of Band Management Console.

      echo.Created by Todd Wilburn - Client Services Engineer

      echo Version %_Version% on 11/11/09





      echo Enter the computer name or

      echo press "Enter" for the local computer.

      set /p _PCName=:

      IF [%_PCName%] == [] SET _PCname=%Computername%


      If not exist "c:\program files\Microsoft Configuration Manager Console\AdminUI\bin\oobconsole.exe" (

                      echo OOBCONSOLE.exe was not found. Install SCCM console.


                      goto end



      :: Check to see if PC is online.


      echo Check to see if PC is online.

      title %_PCName%

      color 17

      PING %_PCName% -n 1 -l 1 2>NUL | FIND "TTL=" >NUL || GOTO error

      goto WMIstart




      echo The computer, %_PCName%, is not responding. Please try again.

      set _pcname=

      color 0f

      goto INPUT




      echo Enter login account

      echo press "Enter" to use %_loginas%.

      set /p _newloginas=:

      IF NOT [%_newloginas%] == [] SET _loginas=%_newloginas%


      FOR /F "tokens=2-17 delims== " %%d in ('wmic /node:%_SCCMServer% /namespace:\\root\sms\site_poc path SMS_FullCollectionMembership get /all') do (

                      if /i %%p equ %_pcname% set _SID=%%q



      if [%_SID%] == [] (

                      echo Computer not found on SCCM Server %_SCCMserver%


                      goto ClearVariables



      runas /user:%_loginas% "\"c:\program files\Microsoft Configuration Manager Console\AdminUI\bin\oobconsole.exe\" -s %_SCCMServer% -t %_SID%"

      if %errorlevel% equ 1 pause & goto clearvariables




      color 0f

      Title Done.