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    After upgrading BIOS v1122 on DQ35JO, system is 100xs slower, and USB inputs are dead




      I decided to upgrade the BIOS on the MB, since it was from 2008, and i was now running Win7 and the integrated audio wouldn't work, even after running the autodetect wizard.


      After rebooting, Win7 won't load up, and it take 45 seconds to get past the POST, where it used to take a few seconds.  I burned a CD ISO of v1109, but I can't hit "ENTER" on the keyboard to force it to boot and downgrade the BIOS, because this update killed my USB ports.


      I can actually get into the BIOS by continually mashing the F2 key at just the right time (because it's so slow), but when my dual boot menu comes up after, I can't select a different OS, then press ENTER.


      WTF.  This is now a $5,000 custom made boat anchor.