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    Lenovo T450s with Intel HD 5500 unable to change brightness after screen update





      I have a Lenovo Thinkpad T450s notebook.

      I've updated my old HD+ AUO TN sreen to an FullHD AUO IPS screen.

      This is the id of the screen: B140HAN01.2


      It works great, expect one thing:

      When I install intel HD Graphics driver, the brightness control doesn't work anymore.

      It works in BIOS, work without driver (it doesn't overwrite the BIOS settings), but when i install the driver this feature disappear from windows and set it to maximum brightness automatically.


      I think it just some driver issue, because as you see the laptop is compatible with the screen.


      I think that it can have a connection with the fact, the T450s officially only compatible with B140HAN01.3 (and mine is now 1.2).


      I've also tried to install the newest driver but it doesn't help


      After made some research i've found this forum with the related topic (but with a different notebook version):




      I hope someone can help, because it's only problem with intel driver.



      Thanks a lot!