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    After firmware update cannot boot from my SD-card


      Those are my steps:

      I have standard firmware 1.0.4 installed with "./firmware-updater-1.0.4"

      I can boot from SD-card where I have grub and my custom RTOS. Main bootloader boots my grub which is 2.x and I see the screen:


      GNU GRUB  version 2.02~beta2



      After I update firmware with

      fs0:\> CapsuleApp.efi Flash.cap

      I cannot boot from my SD-card, maybe SD card configuration need to be changed? Booting from SPI flash seems to be OK but when I insert SD card I see following message:

      GNU GRUB  version 0.97  (604K lower / 244540K upper memory)


      So for some reason my grub 2.x from SD card is not loaded.


      My SD card tree is:


      tree boot/ EFI/


      └── grub

          ├── grub.cfg

          ├── grub.conf

          └── grub.efi


      └── BOOT

          ├── BOOTIA32.EFI

          └── grub.cfg


      2 directories, 5 files


      grub.conf and grub.cfg are the same


      Is this correct tree?