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      What does HECETA (as in hardware monitor ASIC) stand for?

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          All I know about Heceta is:


          It is a chip that is used for Hardware Monitoring. It was present in some intel board like D925XHY, D925XEHY, D945PWM, D945GCL etc. On Server board SE7500WV2, the baseboard management controller uses this chip for hardware monitoring.


          On some desktop board these features are present only if it does have Heceta support:
          From the Bios, you will have these options:
          Advanced > Fan Control Configuration and the Advanced > Hardware Monitoring
          Advanced > Fan Control Configuration Submenu Options > Fan COntrol & Lowest Fan Speed.


          Processor Zone Temperature Displays processor zone temperature
          System Zone 1 Temperature  Displays system zone 1 temperature
          System Zone 2 Temperature  Displays system zone 2 temperature
          Processor Fan Speed            Displays processor fan speed
          Rear Fan Speed                    Displays rear fan speed
          VREG Fan Speed                 Displays VREG fan speed
          Front Fan Speed                   Displays front fan speed




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            OK, let me ask another way. Is HECETA an acronym, the name of the inventor, the name of the creator of the standard or the place it was invented? I know what it is. I do not know what it stands for.

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              Hello again,


              Unfortunately, i dont know what does HECETA stand for?


              Hopefully someone else can help us on this.


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                I found a lot of documentation on HECETA components. Many of them refer to standards documents but I cannot find any publishings on the HECETA standards. I found references to HECETA 2, 4, 5 & 6.