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    intel I7 4970k stutter issue


      Hi guys my name is Agustin. Im not new to computers but I have a problem that I can´t figure out how to solve or find the problem root. here is my PC specs.



      Intel 4970k 4.0 Ghz

      ASUS Z97A MOBO

      Zalman big *** cooler with 3 fans. ( I applied the thermal compound properly)

      12 GB DDR3 1333 Mhz Kingston Hyper X
      Nvidia Geforce GT 470 2GB GDDR5

      CoolerMaster PSU 800W

      SSD Intel 120GB
      WD 1TB Blue


      I run windows 7 on the SSD.


      So here is the problem. I have mouse lag/stutter issue that freezes mouse for 2 seconds at random times, on Iddle, during gaming, or using just web browser. So I thought could be the mouse so I tried different mouses and nothing, problem still occurs. Then I thought it could be the surface so I tried diferent mouse pads and nothing. Then I thought it could be RAM, it has plenty of remaining ram space. then I thought it was pagefile, I set no pagefile, and nothing. Then I moved pagefile to diferent disks nothing. I reinstall win7 on the 1TB HDD. Nothing problem still occurs. Im not an expert on CPU´s but here is an image of what MSI Afterburners says. Temps are fine. So Im lost. To solve the problem I restart the PC and becomes stable until it happens again. Another times I just wait and stutter stop happening and no need for restart. THIS IS ALSO VERY IMPORTANT when stutter occurs if Im playing any game with Xbox joystick there is no stutter or lag or any image skipping. But if I use the mouse any mouse on any USB port stutter occurs. For example when Im using mouse on GTA and I look around image the image skip from one place to another it those a very weird behavior, but If I use the analog joystick it´s very smooth.

      Looks like CPU8 logic core has more usage than others I don´t know if has anything to do. This was taken with just Mozilla firefox open. I will put more pics during gaming if you need it.

      I added a third image, please take a look at CPU core usage!

      Now I have to go to work but hope I get some help when I get back. Thank you people. =)