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    dp55wg bios questions, overall thoughts


      hey guys

      just picked up this board the other week, so far it has been fairly good to me.


      i had some questions/concerns about the bios, and was curios if anyone could offer up some insight.


      i have since upgraded the bios the board initially came with. i believe i am now running the oct 25 bios. in hind sight it was probably a mistake to upgrade.


      i can no longer find the blind led option in the bios anymore.  thats a shame, i loved that option, and it also sucks because i know this mobo has this led on it, however it is just not making use of it anymore.  also i seems to vaguely recollect better fan control options in the initial bios. now all i have the option of choosing is enabled/disabled with respect to fan control, this kinda sucks, i would have liked to have more versatile options here. i.e control the specific temperatures.


      i want to revert back to the original bios, however i have since created a raid configuration on this board, my first one.  i am curious if i upgrade/revert my bios from here on in, will it destroy my configuration??


      Other thoughts:


      it was my understanding that when you enabled crossfire on this board, that the 16x pcie slot would scale itself down to 8x speeds.  i have 2 gpus installed, hd 4650's ( i use multiple monitors) and they are not in crossfire mode.  in the bios it still tells me that the 16x slot has scaled itself down to 8x speeds.  so it would appear this scalling down happens regardless of crossfire being enabled, and just when a secondary gpu is installed in general.


      The board is slightly tight. my slightly oversized heatsink comes in contact with my ram modules, but just by a bit. (coolermaster 212).  and my pcie card is also very close to touching these two.  however not a dealbreaker.


      this is a pretty good board for the money. i was happy to see some overclock options.  i couldnt get past a bclk of 175-180 though without my system becoming unstable.  i later read most other boards can surpass 200 bclk no problem.  im guessing this board, unlike the exreme editions, just doesnt have the mojo to oc that much.  i was slightly disapointed when i found that out.  i had since expirenced a little bit of a regret in not purchasing a similar asus board for 30 more cdn that would have oced beautifully.  Or perhapes even splurging and getting the highest extreme edition, which in cdn was about 75--ish+tax more than this board. alas this was out of my budget.  in the end i wouldnt have wanted to exceed a bclk of 200 bc im sure my processor would have gotten too hot on just air colling, however it would have been nice to push the limits a little more than i currently can.


      in the beginning some of the cool bios features were enough to suppress my regret, however has they have disappeared in the bios updates, my regret is coming back and seating itself in the back of my mind, convincing me that i have made the wrong purchase.  i guess ill have to take solace in the fact that intel's support/stability far exceeds that of any asus board.


      anyways still happy with this board, i just have those few concerns/questions.


      im somewhat of a perfectionist, so i will always be debating my purchases and thinking the grass is always greener.


      Final thoughts: kudos to intel to making a board that was attractive enough to convince me to buy it and stray from some of the other more mainstream mobo manufacturers. keep pluggin away with these fancy features. i love the blind led, im sure others do as well.  and tbh the skull graphic and theme was almost enough to push me to get an extreme edition. i have to say fantastic marketing job.

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          edit: that nic issue was a royal pain in the arse. for the longest time i couldnt get it to connect faster than 10mbps.  the driver fix solved my issue immediately though.

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            thanks for the speedy response intel.

            got tired of waiting and just said "screw you guys, im going home".


            for anyone who searches google and may find this thread and actually gives a ****.

            reverted back to the old bios, which is the original bios, which apparently is shared between this board and the dp55kg. update was successful. even though it was technically a downdate.


            my raid array has remained in intact, but fan control has not changed, its still the same.


            on a more satisfactory note, the bling to win led option now works fine with this board because of this bios change. additionally the blink = more win option also preforms admirably.


            the skullbacklight option however does nothin =( as was to be expected.


            // end rant