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    I upgraded IPT with PKI, Key import didn't work!



      I recently upgraded IPT with PKI  from v3.1.0.182 to v4.0.5.25, then I could not use CryptImportKey  any more.

      Because it returned 0x000000b7(maybe ERROR_ALREADY_EXISTS) after PIN setting PTD displayed.

      Only container created.

      I set dwFlags as CRYPT_USER_PROTECTED to use PKI with PTD.

      I did not change any source codes, but only changed provider from Intel IPT Enhanced Cryptographic Provider to Intel IPT CSP - Non-Exportable Keys.

      and tested on every machine what I have, but the result was not changed.

      According to the Release Notes,

      Intel IPT Enhanced Cryptographic Provider     The name of this CSP has been changed to: “Intel IPT CSP – Non-Exportable Keys”.
                                                                               The functionality of the CSP has not changed.

      I think that certificate import should be allowed. if not, it is bug.

      What is wrong with it? or any misuse?

      Is there any solution to it?

      Thank you in advance.