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    Still problems with mini display<->DVI


      So, almost 2 years after I see reports of temperamental problems on your community support boards - I just bought a NUC a month ago and the same problem exists!


      I came across mondo77's post and after confirming it was a hardware design error - he discovered that by turning the NUC upside down, the display comes on.

      I thought - "CAN'T BE!".


      But guess what - it works!


      Do you have a (BIOS?) fix for this yet?


      Every time I turn the computer on I have to pray that the monitor will be woken up.

      Has Intel made any headway on this problem since it was reported?


      Or just "turn it over"?





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          This sounds a lot like there is an intermittent issue with the DP connector. I would suggest that you try a different DP->HDMI adapter -- or switch to the HDMI connector (though you haven't identified which NUC you have so I can't tell what connectors yours is going to have)...



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            Out of desperation I purchased a different mini Displayport to DVI converter cable and that fixed it. But the temperamental nature of the old cable makes me think there was still more to it than just a loose connection or something. I am wondering if the tipping upside down triggered some sort of autodetect sequence or if there was some funny timing thing on boot up or if it was to do with cable angles and connections. But that would still not explain why sometimes it would work and other times it wouldn't even without touching anything at all. So I assume it was just some weird incompatibility between the Nuc and that particular adapter cable.

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              I only have DVI on my screen, not HDMI.

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                mondo77 - I guess I can buy another cable - can you let me know which cable you bought?  Or what the difference in the cable spec was/is?  I think there's some sort of electrical connection that gets triggered by turning it over - just a hunch.


                N.Scott.Pearson - with enough people describing the problem with different cables over the course of years, it certainly sounds like there is *some* problem.

                I have an i7-5557U.  If you let me know where to mail my cable - it would be great for Intel to research and finally put this problem to bed.  Maybe mondo77 also still has his old cable as well.  Could you please send me a list of tested mini-DP <=> DVI cables?


                Thank you, EJ.

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                  Sorry, I am retired now. You will have to request that someone (still) at Intel indicate whether there is any information beyond what is already published (see this page: http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/CS-034983.htm).

                  Let me be clear, when it comes to cables and adapters, there is a *lot* of absolute crap out there. You get what you pay for. Spend wisely.


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                    Cesar Badilla

                    Hello ejnaiman


                    Please take into consideration that Intel® recommends straight connections using high quality cables. The use of adapters, converters,  KVM's, etc  is not supported.

                    You may use adapters at your own risk, however,  in order to ensure best performance try to use high quality certified cables.

                    Please let us know which is your Intel® NUC model?

                    Note: There are a few Reduced Bit Rate (RBR) cables on the market that will support only up to 1080p, but these are generally restricted to projector installation applications. Unless the cable is identified as RBR, it is a standard DisplayPort cable and should support all Display-Port configurations.





                    Caesar B.

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                      I bought what I believe is a quality cable.

                      The industry standard in digital monitors I believe at this time is HDMI and DVI.

                      I haven't seen anyone in my circle who has a mini-display port (in the Windows world) monitor.

                      That being said, I need to go from mini-display to "something".

                      Yes, I could go from mini-HDMI to HDMI, but since I already have a DVI screen - that wouldn't make sense economically.

                      If you tell me that is my only option - I will deal with it.


                      STILL - with many people posting that to resolve this "wakeup" problem you need to "Turn over the NUC" - clearly there is some sort of hardware problem - that is just too odd!


                      So - back to my original question - can you please let me know what mini-display to DVI cable was used to test it - so I can make sure I get one that is approved.


                      Thank you, EJ

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                        I do not see a mini display port to DVI - is it possible none were tested?

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                          I have a D54250WYKH, so I cannot comment on any issues specific to the latest generation NUCs.


                          At present, I am using my NUC as a HTPC. The NUC is connected to my receiver (an Onkyo TX-NR616) using a mini HDMI to HDMI cable (Neewer 2X 6.6 inch/17cm Mini HDMI (Type C) Male to HDMI (Type A) Female, which cost me US$9 for a 2-pack) and a generic 2m HDMI cable. The receiver is connected, in turn, to a 1080p TV. The NUC properly detects the TV and operates at 1920x1080 without issue -- and, BTW, I have never seen the issue that has been reported in this community wherein, when the NUC is disconnected from the TV for a while (like when we were using our DVR), it does not reconnect.


                          Before I redeployed this NUC as a HTPC, I used it as a development and test vehicle. I used a couple of solutions to connect the NUC to my IOGear MiniView DVI 4 Port USB KVMP Switch (and then to a 24" monitor). These solutions worked without issue at the full 1920x1080 resolution:


                          • While I was using the mini DP connector, I used a MonoPrice MMP-MDPDHD-15CM, which is a mini DP to HDMI, DVI and DP (yes, all three) adapter that I purchased on Amazon for ~US$16 (though I see they are selling for ~US$22 presently).


                          • While I was using the mini HDMI connector, I used the same mini HDMI to HDMI cable plus a HDMI to DVI dongle (SANOXY DVI 24+1 (DVI-D) Female to HDMI Male Adapter, cost me ~US$4 for a 2-pack). I switched from the mini HDMI connector to the mini DP connector when I needed to use the HDMI to DVI dongles for some other testing (connecting laptops to the KVMP).


                          When I first heard the flip-the-NUC-over solution, I had a good laugh. It's amazing sometimes what people will try. How resourceful! Or was this originally discovered by accident? Regardless, I believe that these customers have an adapter/cable that is not fitting tightly into the NUC's mini DP connector and is working intermittently as the NUC is moving about -- and this movement could be from something as simple as the minuscule vibrations caused by the NUC's fan. When they flip over the NUC, this is probably generating a small (but consistent) torque on the connector and this is keeping all pins in contact.



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                            I also got a laugh - actually out loud enough for my family to come into my office to find out what happened.

                            Not after I read the solution - but after I did it and it worked! :-)

                            Trust me others tried everything with the cable, torquing it, pulling it in and out, etc.

                            Even better - next time it happens - I'll pull it out, turn the NUC over and plug it back in.

                            Bet you it'll start working - no torque involved.


                            I still think it's a strange hardware issue - just too weird.


                            I will buy another cable from a different company and see if it makes a difference.

                            According to modo77 it did.


                            All the best ...

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                              Hello ejnaiman,


                              Thank for sharing your outcome. I glad that you were able to resolve it.