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    Can't get 2560x1440 in cloned view / using DisplayPort to mini-DsiplayPort cable, ThinkPad T540P and iiyama Prolite xb2779qs




      I'm using Lenovo ThinkPad T540p with native resolution of 2880x1620, plus an external display iiyama Prolite XB2779QS with native res. 2560x1440. In extended display mode, everything works fine, but with cloned view, I can't get any higher than 2048x1152. The equipment is connected with a displayPort to mini-displayPort cable, so in theory I should be able to achieve it.


      OS - Windows 7.


      The laptop is equipped with 2 cards - Intel (integrated) and nVidia GT 730M.


      Adding a custom resolution using Intel graphics control panel doesn't work - bandwidth exceeded, I tried all possible setting combinations, even 30Hz (though it's not sufficient for my work).


      As for nVidia control panel - I can't do anything with it because it's empty.


      I updated both nVidia driver and the iiyama monitor .INF file. The monitor is recognized correctly by the system.


      Can I get 2560x1440 in cloned view somehow...?