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    Boot arduino program from SD card(Windows 7)


      Hi everyone,


      I have try the How to boot Edison from an SD card (Linux). I know this is for Linux but try it on my windows.

      Then I faced a lot of problem for example after boot the SD card the Intel Virtual Com Port cannot detect any more.

      But Thanks for smokytrace help me to solve this problem.


      So I am here to asking do anyone have the experience boot your arduino program from the SD card with windows.



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          What do you mean with I faced a lot of problems, what problems specifically do you have? Do you still have access to Linux console? What image are you using?

          What steps did you follow? If you take a look at “Prepare External Storage” on step 1 you’ll notice that if you have a Windows system

          “easiest approach would be to prepare a bootable USB stick with GParted Live USB image (see instructions on their website on how to do that).”

          Did you complete this step?



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            Hi Intel_Alvarado,


            So you are using windows 7 and following the step and it success. rite?

            I am using the Yocto image and access Intel Edison using PuTTY.

            Sorry maybe I missed some step but I was follow the steps that had provided.

            Therefore, I will shows you the errors that I faced before.


            1. At first I facing no grep file directory.

            boot sd card.JPG

            2. Then I shutdown Intel Edison with PuTTY and (My Intel Edison virtual Com port is missing at this stage.) open it again my Intel Edison is Keep on reboot. Same as problem in this post Recovering form a bad linux image

            3. I saw the post that interrupt the reboot by pressing any key. Into the boot> section and I key-in 'run do_ota'.

            4. Okay I get the GADGET DRIVER: usb_dnl_dfu. Mean that my Intel Edison ready to flash.

            Gadget driver usb_dnl_dfu.JPG

            5. Somehow I using window to flash my board it show up this problem and some people also faced too.

            plug and reboot.JPG

            6. I really panic at that time then I post my problem in this forum Intel Edison virtual com port missing after boot Edison from an SD card.

            7. Then smokytrace guided me in my problem but I need to use Ubuntu flash me image.


            Thank you I will run the SD card again hope this time would be success.