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    Intel HD 4000 Windows 10 screen brightness adjustment not working


      Hi, I have a Lenovo p400 touch laptop with the intel HD graphics 4000. I updated to windows 10 a while ago and everything was working fine for a bit. Then one day while using the laptop I went to adjust the brightness and when I pressed the button to lower the brightness a little, the screen went down to the lowest brightness and I could not adjust the brightness at all anymore. When I press the buttons to adjust the brightness, the pop up that shows what the brightness level is on does go up or down but the screen does not actually adjust whatsoever. I have the latest driver for the intel HD 4000 ( version ).


      As a temporary fix, I've switched the display adapter to the Microsoft Basic display adapter which lets me adjust my brightness, however, this removes the sleep function from my laptop which I really need.


      Any help would be appreciated.