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    Question on which 10GBe Adapter to use for SAN connection.


      Good Morning All,


      First id like to thank you all in advance for any assistance given.


      I'm here today because I am building  a sweet SAN/NAS for work, and I'm having trouble identifying the proper 10GBe Nic's to use for the connection between the SAN/NAS and the hypervisors.


      I think I have nailed it down to this product family "Intel® Ethernet Converged Network Adapter X520 Product Family"


      But am still unsure on which adapter to choose.


      I'm still teetering back and forth between 10GBe copper and fiber, I think I would prefer copper but am flexible.


      Any suggestions?


      The plan is to use ISCSI over IP. There will be 2x Primary Hyper-V boxes connecting to the SAN/NAS via 10GBe, we will also have a few other hyper-v boxes connected to this san via existing 1GBe connections (backup/ play boxes)


      Again thank you for any advice given.