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    P45 3 oxid. CPU Pins can destroy a cpu?


      Hello, thanks for beeing here.

      I hope my english is goog enough to tell my Problem.


      I have a Q9550 CPU E0 and at last a XFX.780i Mainboard and would like to change to Intel Chipset again.

      I buyed a not new Mainboard Gigabyte EP45-UD3 first Revision.


      The Seller, a User from FurumLuxx in germany told me, the Mainboard ist fully functional and had no Problems in the Past.


      After a time for aclimat. the Board to my roomtemp, I began to build the System with my Parts.


      As I realise the first Start from the UD3P and my Q9550, with my OCZ-Reaper-HPC PC8500 Ram Modules the Board goes promptly off and restarts self.

      After that the Board was reebooting like in a loop with no end, bevor the Bios Post was to see.

      Sometmes the Bios Screen Picture from the Gigabyte Board was to see.


      Naturly I had mad before a Bios Reset, by closing the Bios Jumper for a view minutes.


      As there where no way to start the system with this board, a build back to my 780i Board.

      The Board starts first rormaly and the System Vista x64 boots. After a view minutes the system shoots down and there were no way

      to start the mainboard again.

      The Power Supply falls into the Securety Power Switch (dont know how to tell it other)

      And only if I switch off the Power Sub. for a view moments the Power switch from the Mainboard is without function.


      Than I taked a look at the Ud3P Mainboard and I saw that there are 3 CPU Pins look like with oxidation on the Pin heads.


      These are the Pwith the names, found in the Socket 775 Datashead.


      1. AM10 Named as VSS is for Power/Other

      2. AB4 Named as A26# is for Source Sync

      3. AB5 Named as A24# is for Source Sync


      The Question now is: Could these 3 Pins, or some or one from it, destroy my CPU, so that the destroyed CPU destroy my 780i Mainboard????


      At last I had buyed a other new Mainboard a Asus P5Q-SE II.

      The CPU there was running, but only with deactivatet ACPI/APIC function, and without compatibility with x64 Software like Vista x64.

      With active APIC/ACPI the Vista x64 and the Vista x86 Boot DVD let the System reboots if the DVD starts to boot, also with any Linux Knoppix Versions and XP Life Versions.

      With deactivatet APIC/ACPI the Vista x64 DVD also let the System reboot after the DVD starts to loaand bevor the Language Selection is to use.

      Only x86 Vista I could install, but after the Instal was complete with loading Updates and instal the newest Drivers, I hat realized, that there is only 1 CPU and not all 4.


      Who can tell me, whats happend, or what could happend.


      I hope for a answer.


      Greets from Germany.