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    Cloned display, audio output combined into single playback device.


      I have an issue that is specific to newer drivers.


      When the device has its display cloned to two external displays and these displays have integrated speakers these audio playback devices are combined within windows and audio output play through them all.


      The device being used is a Dell Venue 11 Pro 7139, this device has the Intel Core i5-4300Y processor, which has the Intel HD Graphics 4200 graphics. This tablet is connected to the Dell tablet dock (the same issues is present on both the original version, and new version of the dock). Connected to the dock are two displays, one connected using HDMI, and the second connected using DisplayPort. Both of these displays have speakers and can be used as audio playback devices. When the user wants to clone the tablet display to the two external displays the available audio playback devices are combined into a single option.


      This problem was not present using older versions of the drivers, if you were to use this works as it should both audio playback devices are available when the displays are cloned and can be selected independently. Using newer drivers this is no longer an option.


      Because this is a dell device we would normally use the drivers supplied through dell, which is what we were doing while it worked. The original dell driver that worked on these machines was the dell driver version is, A04. The newer version is, A05 which would be Intel version this version does not . This issue is also present using the Intel driver Drivers newer than this have not been tested.