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    Connecting Arduino to Edison?


      I would like to use Arduino for handling serial LED by a DMX512 shield using the library for ATmega328.

      How could I connect Arduino to Edison so that I could control serial LED through Arduino?

      It would be best if there were a sketch for Edison's Quark MCU to generate DMX512 packets but I can not find any.

      Thanks for your help.

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          Hi welcomesorrow,


          Which Edison platform are you using? In case you’re using the Breakout board, you can connect your Arduino to Edison J16, that way the Edison becomes host and it can read the output from the Arduino with a code implementation. Now, if you decide to do this you’ll need to power up the board with a battery via J21.


          You can check this thread where this is explained with some more detail Intel Edison and Arduino Uno.




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            Hi PabloM_Intel,


            Thanks for your comment and the link to a previous discussion which is very helpful. I found a previous thread 54236 helpful, too (Using Serialx on Edison by mikalhart). Since I have an Edison Kit for Arduino, I will connect Arduino USB port to Edison's large Type A USB port with SW1 set to host mode, right? The Linux name of Arduino will be /dev/ttyACMxxx?


            Then, to let Arduino receive DMX packet data from Edison, can I use a sketch on the Arduino side like this?


            void setup() {




            void loop() {

            if (Serila.available()) {

            byteRead = Serial.read();