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    egit plugin in IoT devkit version of Eclipse


      Is it possible to get the egit Git plugin working in IoT devkit version of Eclipse?


      I've had a number of tries at this in both linux and OSX. To document them would take me some considerable time, and I don't want to waste that time if it can be established that I am on a loser in advance


      I suspect this might beg some questions about other plugins in the devkit?


      Any thoughts comments, including how best to manage/integrate git



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          Hi jayls,


          Could you please tell me which process are you following to install the Egit plugin? I tried to complete this using Windows 7 and was able to install most of the packages except for 2 that had compatibility issues with some other plugins already installed. Is this similar to what you’re getting?




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            HI Pable,


            managed to make some progress since posting. I now appear to have egit installed and functioning on both mac and linux machines. Mac needed mylin install, but linux seems ok without.


            My problem was in part rtfm and in part I have been switching between QT Creator and Eclipse most of the year, and I was kind of expecting to set up repository as integral part of creating the project.


            I have a project on mac now which I have pushed to github. That's enogh for tonight, tomorrow I will try to pull that to the linux. At that point I should be in business.