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    Edison board with Arduino won't power up




      i bought an intel edison with arduino breakout. i have followed the step by step procedure provided in the intel website. i had unplugged the 12V power supply to reboot then plugged the 12V supply back while 2 usb cables are connected to my laptop. the laptop crashed and my edison won't power-up after that. my laptop usb port had power surge message if i plug the edison board to my laptop. i think there is short in the edison board causing my laptop to crash into blue screen. i bought another edison board and used the same setup and power supply and new edison board worked without issues even if i unplug/plug the 12V power supply while 2 usb are connected to the laptop supporting my claim that there is a problem in my old board. it was very embarrassing moment. it was my first edison board and it failed.


      is there anyone out there had the same issues? how did you claim warranty in intel?