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    Is there any scaling option for all resolutions in the Intel Control Panel?


      I have a Razer Blade Laptop with an NVIDIA GTX765M and Intel Graphics 4600. Since I have the Intel graphics my options on the NVIDIA control panel are limited. The one option I need is display scaling for all resolutions. I understand that, with the Intel control panel, you can scale 4:3 resolutions to full screen but if i select this, for some reason the quality of the image decreases badly. Also, if I were to select 1280x960 resolution in the control panel scaled full screen, When I open a game full screen, the resolution of the game simply overrules the resolution I set on the desktop, even if it is just the same, hence black bars. Is there any way I can either get my full NVIDIA control panel, or find an option for global display scaling for all resolutions? This is so I can have a 1920x1080 desktop, then open a game in 1280x960 (Black Bars) and have that scaled full screen - without having to run windowed border-less. I know this would be possible in the NVIDIA control panel. And if I'm restricted to only the Intel one, how can I find that option?