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    S3200SHV Operating Systems




      Please forgive the ignorance implied by this question, but I'm confused about the stated operating systems supported by this motherboard. I purchased the MB along with a quad core x3350 Xeon 2.66GHz processor and I'd like to install Windows 2003 Server 64-bit. The version I have is the WIndows 2003 Server R2 Standard Edition, but the operating systems stated as being supported only mention Windows 2003 Server Enterprise Edition.


      Also, I see in the drivers list that there are two sections for W2K3 -- one just labels Windows 2003 drivers, the other labeled Windows 2003 Enterprise EM64 64-bit drivers.


      Does this imply that Standard Edition is NOT supported? Or is it assumed that the capabilities of Standard Edition are incorporated within Enterprise Edition?


      Thanks in advance for the replies.



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          The bad news is, that Standard just wasn't tested.  The good news is, it will probably work fine.


          The biggest OS issues are usually using SBS, or R2, or other major changes like that.  The differences between Standard and Enterprise are probably *not* going to cause a problem.


          The other downside is, if you run into a problem with the OS, you're going to have to try Enterprise to see if the issue persists anyway, before you can talk to support.

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