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    How to log cause of Edison Losing WiFi connection


      I need to place the Edison in a remote environment to log and report data for long periods of time where a WiFi signal may be intermittent. For this I have created a custom board and software to log data, run a node,js server, and send email summaries. This all works just fine when the Edison is sitting at my desk with a strong WiFi signal and comfortable temperature.

      On my last field test, I left it running over the weekend and had it send out emails every hour. After nine hours it stopped sending emails and was not connected to WiFi, but the data logging program was still running. The data continued to be logged over the weekend.

      I need to figure out why the Edison disconnected, and how to get it to reconnect if it does.

      I am relatively new to embedded Linux, so I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction toward creating a meaningful log file to start debugging here.

      Of particular interest to me in this application is logging when the Edison lost connection, if it tried to reconnect, and why. The environment I put the Edison into got up to 83C, so I am wondering if there is a thermal shutdown for the WiFi at this temperature or something... The data collection still ran well for 4 days at 83C.

      Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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          One important thing to take into consideration is the operating temperature. According to the product brief Intel® Edison Boards — Product Brief the recommended temperature range for the Edison is from 0-40°C. Operating at temperatures of 83°C, which is more than the double of the maximum recommended value doesn’t guarantee a correct performance.


          As for trying to debug this issue you can take a look at /usr/bin/configure_edison. This file contains the code related to the configure_edison command. Here you can see all the variables the code uses to connect to wifi, set password, etc.


          You can create a script that detects when the WiFi disconnects, and based on the variables and code from configure_edison, tell the board to reconnect.


          Some valuable information can be found in def decideToConnect(): and def connectNetwork():



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            Thanks for the reply Sergio.

            While I understand the product brief recommends a temperature range of 0-40C, I don't believe the hardware is so limited, and that kind of temperature range would make it useless for my application as well as almost anything outdoors. I searched a bit in the forums and saw replies from Intel people saying that further testing on temperature range was underway and they would report the results when they had them. Unfortunately I don't really believe that either... so I'm going to just test the limits myself.

            So far I am optimistic because the system functioned just fine at 83C for a couple of hours before the WiFi shut down, and then ran the data logging program for another 4 days before I shut it down. This is a temperature that is on the extreme range of what I am likely to see in the field.


            Thank you for the recommendation. I am looking over the /usr/bin/configure_edison file and will see if I can create something from what is in there. I'll report back here if I get something working.