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    Random drive fails with new Rapid Storage Technology 9.6 ?


      Update now Rapid Storage Technology all is working well here.


      64-bit Intel® RST Driver Files



      Your joking! I'm not but maybe someone running it might not so anyone running Rapid Storage Technology or newer that is having a random drive fail but not with Matrix Storage Manager 8.8 please post here not here:



      To confirm that RST 9.6 is causing a random drive to fail and that it is not the drive that is failing regardless if its new or not first run the system at stock with no overclocking YES overclocking can and does affect your drives then try installing the below driver.

      Note: Installing Matrix Storage Manager 8.8 will also install the driver overwriting the RST driver.

      Note2: there are just some drives out there that will not RAID regardless like low power or green drives.

      Note3: even if using Matrix Storage Manager 8.8 you are still getting a random drive to fail its possible that you are using a bad batch of drives.


      Matrix Storage Manager 8.8 should you need it which works with win 7.


      64-bit Floppy


      32-bit Floppy



      Thank you

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          I found this new article tonight concerning Intel updating the core logic set of the P55. See the article's fourth bullet point that specifies the move from IMSM 8.9 to IRST 9.5.






          It would be nice if we had a definite release date for this and when it will show up on Intel site.

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            I went foward and installed IRST 9.5 yesterday. I had been running on IMSM 8.8 without issue since 10/29/2009, but more evidence is pointing to IRST 9.5 being the next version that's coming soon.



            Since yesterday (24 hours), 9.5 has been running solid for my RAID 1. Quaint & slick new console GUI too (though has some visual goofs that should be fixed). I've been running multiple videos and slideshows simultaneously for several hours to put some activity on the hard drives. Also installed applications, data, ran defrags, and anything else I could think of to put some work on HDs. No hickups at all. In fact, 9.5 seems a bit peppier in HD performance.



            It's only been 24 hours for me, but in the weeks since 9.5 was leaked, I haven't seen any postings citing problems. If I run into any issues, I'll post back here.



            INSTALL NOTES

            1)  Installed latest chipset driver for the board before latest BIOS and IRST install

            2)  Installed the latest 3878 BIOS before upgrading to IRST 9.5

            3)  IRST upgrades over IMSM 8.8 and leaves the drives intact. No reinstall of O/S required

            4)  Ran IRST Volume Verification & Repair after - Found 3 errors and repaired them (This is under Manage button > Advanced)




            Motherboard: Intel DP55KG

            CPU: Intel Core i7 860

            O/S: Windows 7 Ultimate x64

            RAM: 8GB

            Storage: RAID 1 on x2 WD RE3 hard drives

            Video: Dual PCIE 2.0 x16 ATI vid cards

            Ethernet: Intel Pro Lan Driver 14.6

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              Hello Everyone,



              I installed Intel® Rapid Storage Technology version my two systems on Wednesday, November 11, 2009.  It has now been 8 days of running 24/7 without any issues whether under no or heavy load.  My system setup is as follows:


              • Intel Core i7-860 CPU
              • Intel DP55KG Motherboard (BIOS Version KGIBX10J.86A.3878 10/28/2009)
              • G.SKILL Ripjaws F3-12800CL9D-4GBRL (4GB Memory DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) 1.5v)
              • PNY GeForce 9800 GTX+ 512MB PCIe Video Card
              • 2 - Western Digital Caviar Black WD7501AALS 750GB SATA II 7200 RPM 32MB Buffer Hard Drives set up in RAID 1 configuration, with 2 Volumes defined. Updated Time-Limited Error Recovery (TLER) to 7 seconds read and write using the WDTLER utility
              • Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit RTM
              • Intel® Chipset Device Drivers dated 9/17/2009
              • Intel® Matrix Storage Manager ROM
              • Intel® Storage Technology version



              Hope this helps and will be very happy when Intel Releases Intel® Storage Technology to the public.  Seeing the posts continuing to grow on many different sites, I would recommend that Intel pull the Intel® Matrix Storage Manager verions from their website.


              Best Regards,



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                I upgraded from Matrix Storage Manager 8.9.1023 to 9.5.1037PV on my ICH9R system which hosts a 6 disk Sata raid10 aggregate.


                It's running fine, however my system tries to read from the USB 3.5 inch diskette, and my Marvell controller's connected DVD/Blueray drives, very often. This causes jittery system behavior, pausing, etc. It's not terrible, and not all the time though. It seems to happen when I open Windows explorer or try to access a drive via file/save etc...


                It definitely did not behave this way on IMSM 8.9.1023, and while not causing a problem, it's annoying enough for me to revert to IMSM 8.9.1023 which as running fine on my system.


                Asus Rampage Extreme Mobo.

                Windows 7 RTM 64bit Ultimate.

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                  Setup 1:

                  Vista, Matrix SW, Intel DG965WH motherboard, three WD2500YS disks in RAID 5 holding OS.  Configuration was very solid for 3 years.


                  Setup 2:

                  Updated to RST SW  Disks dropped from  RAID every day or two.  Tried 5 different drives, all failed randomly.


                  Setup 3:

                  New motherboard Intel DP45SG with clean install of Windows 7.  Built OS onto a new SSD.  Motherboard has SATA ports set to RAID.  Same  No improvement.  Found thread on this subject.


                  Setup 4:

                  As above but with newer RST software per the thread.  Still no improvment.  Removed RAID volume but kept RAID opton on disk ports so it could be added later.  Disks are now "individuals".  This allowed the SMART data to be seen and destructive tests run using Destern Digital's WinDLG tool.  Ran long tests and zeroized disks with drives all passing.  SMART data all normal before and after tests.  No change in reallocated sectors.  Called Western Digital and they escalated me to the California team.  Long, knowledgable discussion.  They are not aware of this and have not identified it as a source of increased return volume.  Not sure they would, especially as INTEL obscures SMART data while in RAID and people send drives back on RMA without identifying the configuration or SMART results.


                  By the way, all 5 disks are at latest firmware and were received that way years ago before problem was seen.


                  Looks like is also BAD unless somehow I am an isolated case.



                  • 6. Re: Random drive fails with new Rapid Storage Technology 9.5 ?

                    Try Matrix Storage Manager 8.8 and see what happens then.



                    There is a driver out their too.

                    • 7. Re: Drive fails with SiSoftware Sandra on Rapid Storage Technology 9.5

                      I found something that causes a drive to fail with (not tested with when you have Sandra Lite 2010a (16.11) and run “Processor Multi-Media” benchmark.


                      • 8. Re: Random drive fails with new Rapid Storage Technology 9.5 ?



                        I've been using RST 9.5.1037PV RAID 5 on my Vista x64 Dell Precision T3400, which has an X38 chipset. Everything was fine the first two weeks, but now every morning I get a ballon in the notification tray that says my data may be at risk. when I open RST, under Current Status I get "Your system is reporting one or more events, and data may be at risk. Refer to the details below for more information."  The only thing below that is some text that says: "Click on any element in the storage system view to manage its properties." In the Storage system View, all three disk have an exclamation point over the icon. clicking on them, I get some info about the drives, but the only thing I can do about the error is hit a link that says "Reset disk to normal".  If I reset all of the disk, I can the same warning the next day.


                        Is there a way to get more info about this problem?


                        Thanks in advance.

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                          Similiar problems here with RST 9.5.1037 under Windows 7 64bit.

                          Asus P6T Deluxe 4 x WDWD1000FYPS in RAID 0+1 split in three volumes.

                          Endless drop-out problems with IMSM 8.9, upgraded to RST. Stable for a month, suddenly the problems have returned. Failures always on ports 2 and 3 so far and RAID has survived even when both fell out at the same time.

                          One small detail I noticed was each time a disk drops out of the array, it is marked as Status "Missing", Size "0 MB", Model "", Firmware "", Port "Unkown", Port location "Unknown" and the serial number is changed from WD-WCASJnnnnnnn to D-WCASJnnnnnnn:0. The disk with the correct serial number appears in as Internal Disk with all the correct info. Probably expected behaviour? but since no real progress has been made on these problems in the last 6 months thought I'd provide the info.

                          • 10. Re: Random drive fails with new Rapid Storage Technology 9.5 ?

                            Anyone?  Isn't there an event log for this software?  If so, I can't find it.

                            • 11. Re: Random drive fails with new Rapid Storage Technology 9.5 ?

                              Well, here's a fwiw post on the random drive failures with IMST v8.9.  I finished building a new Win 7 64 bit system going on two weeks ago.  The ASUS P6T V2 support CD was used to install IMST v8.9.  During the first five days after installling IMST v8.9 I had six drive failures on a RAID 1+0 volume, with of course six rebuilds taking about 3 1/2 hours each on the 2 TB array.  Twice in those failures I had a second drive fail during the rebuild (Scary both times!  ).  Drive 02 failed the most with drive 01 failing twice, never drives 00 or 03.


                              The good news is that I already knew about this issue while researching which version of IMST was best, so I really wasn't surprised about this, just a bit ticked that an apparently non-reproducible-by-INTEL problem popped up so willingly.  I thought about going to the latest unofficial release of IRSM v9.5 as a fix, but there seemed to be a few people reporting issues with that, but not enough that it made too much of a difference in the decision to revert to IMST v8.8 instead earlier this week.  I couldn't find anybody reporting any relevant issues with  IMST v8.8, so that's why I chose it instead of IRSM v9.5


                              It's now been five days without a single drive failure after a lot of application loading and file transfers from the older XP PC that I now use as a sort of backup PC with IMST v8.8 reporting the RAID volume is in fine shape (Green is good! ).


                              So my current motto, until there is a newer version of IMST or IRSM without any similar issues, is:


                              "8.8 before it's too late!!" if your having issues with RAID random drive failures using IMST v8.9.


                              Note:  I didn't list the build components or info from system log files because there is nothing different in my build from many of those listed with this problem and I couldn't find anything that correlated with the failiures in the log files.  I will add though, that I had both one drive failure followed by another during rebuild episodes within an hour or so of running some of the latest Sisoft Sandra benchmarks.  I think a similar comment was made my another user, possibly PeterUK.  So maybe there is something there.  I have my doubts though.  Btw, the Sandra benchmarks were better with v8.8 vs v8.9 on my system too!

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                                I just installed RST 9.5.1037 on my Windows 7 x64 system.  ICH8R chip set with 4-disk RAID 5 array.  RST reports one disk in the array as "at risk" with no other information.  If I reset it to normal, the warning is back within an hour or two.  Never had any problems reported with the old Matrix Storage Manager.  Wish I knew more to decide how best to respond.

                                • 13. Re: Random drive fails with new Rapid Storage Technology 9.5 ?

                                  I believe I have found the origin of the problem on this machine and apologies if this has created a red herring.

                                  The power supply to the the two drives failing was poor. Switching first to a spare rail on the existing PSU and then replacing the PSU altogether has eliminated the problems.

                                  • 14. Re: Random drive fails with new Rapid Storage Technology 9.5 ?

                                    PeterUK and JamesS - Well done for keeping this issue alive.

                                    I'm sticking with 8.8 at present - 9.5 must be what the Intel A-Team are really working on and it's clearly not ready yet (but you can find beta here on their download site - "for Intel Desktop Boards only") - It'll be interesting to see whether Elizabeth contributes this thread


                                    I've had less 8.9 fails than others, but I've still RMAed a WD Drive that was probably OK. However 2 "Error Occurred"s at the same time killed my new build.


                                    Like many others I've just (today) dropped to IMSM 8.8 after reading ALL of the 8.9 thread. I'm now going to check that I'm stable.


                                    My 8.9 incidents have been provoked straight after logon, apart from the first double drive crash which occurred when I was out of the room. - while I was away, a 1.2GB HD iPlayer programme would have concluded, but I've no idea whether that was the trigger. I've played several other 1.2GB programmes since with no problems.


                                    I've tried, but I cannot persuade Intel Support to give me a release forecast for IRST 


                                    BTW PeterUK  I suspect that general release versions are x.x.0.xxxx  -  x.x.4.xxxx sounds like a special release IMHO.


                                    Win 7 Pro 64 Bit


                                    4GB X.M.P.

                                    ASU P7P55D PRO

                                    RAID 10 4x WD 500GB Caviar Green

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