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    multicast doesn't work properly with ixgbevf


      I'm working on virtual router evaluation with SR-IOV now. My virtual router cannot speak and has proper OSPF relation with external box. Does anyone know how to look into the synopsis deeper? Here are my setup.


      1. CSR1K, Cisco virtual router which is running over a server box speaks with an external box

      2. SR-IOV is enabled on the server

      3. the external box speaks with CSR1K, that means OSPF neighbor has been established

      4. CSR1K cannot speak with the external box, it looks that CSR1K cannot recieve any MC/BC packet

      5. ethtool shows ixgbe is running with 4.0.1-k-rh7.1, ixgbevf is running with 2.12.1-k


      Any input would help me out.

      Thanks in advance,