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    Galileo Gen 2 performances: slow


      I was testing the speed of the galleo,


      and was surprised that in java, doing simple operations like displaying data ONLY perform at 620 Hz


      Here is the code


      while (z == 0)



      Date d1= new Date();

      Date d2;

      //Double v= new Double (Hardware.readDigital(13));

      Double v=123.2;

      d2=new Date();

      long loop_time=(d2.getTime()-d1.getTime())/1000;

      long total_time=(d2.getTime()-d0.getTime())/1000;

      tot+= v;


      System.out.println (total_time+" "+count+"  "+v+" Average="+moy+"-This loop frequency (Hz)-"+(1.0/loop_time)+ "-Total Freq.(Hz)-"+(double)count/total_time);



      and the result  with the readDigital command commented is Total Freq.(Hz)-621.8571428571429

      Of course,  with the readDigital command enables, speed goes down to 120 Hz...

      -Total Freq.(Hz)-122.66666666666667

      Is that a java issue, galileo global perf problem ?

      As i would like in that loop to do digital read on infrared sensors, this will be too slow to be able to detect pulse :-(