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    Latest Intel HD Control Panel has little scaling support.


      Hi to all


      I've been up and down all the threads with little help... My conclusion is that the new Intel HD Graphics Control Panel is not up to scratch.. It looks nice and simplistic, but unfortunately it's too simplistic.


      I'll list my problem... After buying a Acer E5 - 411 (Celeron N3540; Windows 7 x64) laptop with a VGA port that doesn't work, I could only really connect it to my LED Tv via HDMI. Now as far as I've come to realize, is that Scaling on HDMI is not possible as it's controlled via the resolution... Well with overscan issues on the resolution side (many people have the same issue with no results) it either is too big (1920x1080p) or too small (1600x900p).. and in the new control panel it isn't possible to scale in percentages and now its also gone and removed Custommodeapp.exe.


      The TV i'm connecting through does not have any scaling tools built into it.. But i'm pretty sure that it can't be that difficult to reincorporate these functions into the new software..

      I've seen that people have been blogging about this problem since 2014 Q2, so where's the solution?