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    R1304RPOSHBN fan noise


      Even after doing a firmware update, the R1304RPOSHBN seems to have pretty excessive fan noise, especially compared to previous generation platforms, e.g. the S1200BTL.


      Not the "jet taking off" sound like before the firmware update, but it seems to be noise for the PSU fan.


      Is anyone else having this issue?

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          Here are our recommendations for the issue:


          - Make sure you are updating the firmware to the latest version available and also that you are actually updating the sensors on the board by selecting option#1 at the end of the procedure:


          Intel® Download Center


          - Make sure all system fans are connected and  the chassis cover is on place.


          - Confirm that the front panel status LED is solid green. If not proceed to contact our support group for further assistance:



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            All of these steps have already been performed. However, we have isolated the noise to the power supply fan. The noise is excessive compared to other systems with an identical power supply.


            While system fans quietened down by the firmware update (which was already done before I posted this, as stated), the power supply fan is continually running at full speed.


            We are in discussion with Intel support regarding trying to get a replacement power supply.