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    I217-V / VLAN / BSOD "Bad Pool Caller"




      In my latest laptop (HP 650G1, feb-2015) running windows 8.1-64, my lan card is an Intel I217-V.


      After installing the proset software, I should be able to configure VLAN's. I did this on my previous laptop once in a while to check VLAN configurations. Great function.


      On this latest laptop, trying to configure VLAN's almost alway's results in a BSOD with the message "BAD POOL CALLER"


      Since then I did the following:


      - update drivers

      - full uninstall / reboot / install of intel Proset

      - manual cleanup of the registry, (There appear to get one or more ians miniport devices that get stuck in my device manager). Specially HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlset\Enum\ROOT\IANSMINIPORT

      (Tricky to clean up. Use psexec -i -s regedt32.exe to get permission, then regdelnull to clean up data, then able to remove)


      But even after full clean-up after uninstall / reboot / install / reboot does not appear to solve the issue.


      Any help apreciated.


      Thomas Roes