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    Updating RAID for WIN 7


      I'm running a 2 year old home built computer with an Interl DG33TL board with an Intel Core Duo cpu with a 3 drive RAID5 and Vista fully updated.  I'm getting ready for WIN 7 and have already updated the BIOS (which went smoothly).  I want to update the RAID too, and have not found clear instructions on how to do this.  There's info on installing the drivers and storage manager on a new computer, but I've missed how to update or upgrade.  Could some please help me?


      I've downloaded the following:

      Storage Manager Driver:     STOR_allOS_8.9.0.1023_PV.exe

      Storage Manager Software: IATA89ENU Matrix Storage Manager.exe

      F6 Diskette: STOR_all32_f6flpy32_8.9.0.1023_PV.zip