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    Core M lagging on videoplayback


      I have a Lenovo Yoga 3 11" (core m 5y71, 8gb RAM, intel 5300 graphics, 256gb ssd) running win 10 (the issue happened on win8 and 8.1 also).


      Everytime I try watching videos, streaming online or with video players I end up with a lot of lagging in the video after some time.


      After a lot of research on the computer and on the internet I realized that the lagging starts when the PC puts two of the four CPU threads as "parked".


      I would like to know if there is a way to change the settings in order to avoid this CPU parking situtation.


      Thanks a lot for your help.

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          Hello claudio_mend,


          The operating system assigns how many cores will be used in each application, however; you can change the amount of cores used in each application through Windows, here is helpful link about "Processor Affinity - Set for Applications in Windows" Processor Affinity - Set for Applications in Windows 8.

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          As workaround have you tried downloading a video and playing it on your computer, instead of streaming online?