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    DP55WB low performance and audio pops/glitches


      Hi everybody. It's really frustrating, because I spent a lot of money trying to have the latest hardware and once again I ran into a lot of issues (looks like I don't learn from past experiences). First when I installed the nvidia driver for my video card and rebooted, BSOD. I solved that by upgrading the BIOS of the MB, now I can install the nvidia driver without problems.

      The real problem that I have now is the following, no matter if I install Windows 7 32 or 64bit, everytime I play mp3 with winamp or windows media player, the sound pops and glitches when I try to do something else, like surfing the web or accessing to folder on my hard drive. Also I have noticed very low performance when working with sound edition applications like Sound Force.

      I have a DP55WB motherboard, Core I5 750 Processor, 4gb Kington ddr3 1333 (2x2), Zotac 9600GT, 650gb hd and sata dvd-rw. This machine is supposed to have an excelent perfomance with everyday computing tasks, and I cannot even get it to play mp3 without interruptions. I have installed the latest bios and the lastest drivers (lan, sound, video and chipset). I also tried using an external sound blaster sound card, but the situation doesn't change: still pops and glitches when I do something else. If anybody can give me a solution or some thought it would be great. Thanks for reading.