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    "Display driver stopped responding and has now been restored" help!



      oki now im desperate! i've bought a laptop (acer e5-571) a few weeks ago.. and since day one I get this error, "Display driver stopped responding and has now been restored". How do i fix this prolem ? tried everything.. like changing the power of the graphics card (at regedit) , tried to see if i got an old driver virsion, deleted the whole display driver and reinstalled, and so on ...

      And btw i got a "intel HD 5500 grpahics card.

      It doesnt happen (or rarley) when im surfing on the internett or doing nothing, but if i watch a movie or a video on youtube, it happens randomly.(between 5-30min each time). dn if I play a game the game just shuts down after a short while and get an other error like "CSGO has been blocked ...... " and so on.

      Please help me!


      Kind and warm regards