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    SBS 2008 Standard Freezes after installation is complete


      Hi guys I have a small server configured on the following specs: Intel S3420GP board, 4GB RAM, Intel Xeon Quad x3440 2.53GHz and Intel SRCSATAWB RAID controller. Im running SBS 2008 SP2. I installed SBS, the installation went well, got all the updates and everything. I then setup my NICs, one internal and the other external. Setup my DHCP server and install NOD32. Iv got the latest dirvers from Intel. Problem is that after all of this is done and I power down the server, when I switch back on after a while, my menus r unresponsive. Foor example, I wil click on Start, Network Properties and instead of gettint he Netowrk properties screen, the computer just freezes. And nothing will work after that. Tsk Manager loads, but when u try to click anything on it, it too frezees. When I go to cmd, I can ping the router attached and the WAP. On Safe Mode, all my Menus work, except ofcoarse for the ones that r normaly not available on Safe Mode. I urgently need help wth this. I must have reinstalled this machine 5 times this weekend, only to get the same problem ova and ova again! Now Im not sure if its an Intel hardware problem or an OS problem, thus Im also seeking help here.