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    Not sure what I need but I need it bad.


      Hello people, I did something really stupid yesterday.

      In a clean out of unneeded files and such I went into Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs and started removing some unneeded things, like crappy antivirus's I tried out, MS Paint, etc. Then I saw the graphics drivers for my Intel GMA x3100 and it said 'Change/Remove'. Change? Hmm... maybe I can optimize it a bit. Well, clicking on that didn't bring up the usual options of remove, change, update, etc. Instead, it went STRAIGHT to the removal of it. -1 for Intel programmers, sorry. xD So anyway, now I had no option but to wait for it to finish removing it since the Explorer froze until it was done. (btw.. why is Explorer linked to the Start Bar? -1 for Microsoft, too. It means when explorer dies and refuses to be restarted with Task Manager, you have to hard restart your computer :S)


      So now, I'm without graphics drivers and for example my Quake engine games that use OpenGL 2.0 won't work and stuff like that.


      I'm not even sure the name of what I am looking for... I have the feeling it is Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller, but thats just from research.


      The interface of this controller was accessable from the dock bottom-right with all the other tools like volume, my Audio controller, etc.It was a little blue icon. The window itself had a blue bar across the top, about an inch high and 2.5 inches wide. Inside I could rotate my screen, change hue/contrast/colors, adjust gamma, etc. I could also change things like how it treats certain OpenGL functions. If it helps, I remember something about flipping policies on triangles.


      I hope this is enough info to describe what graphics controller it was that I was using.




      Also, if it is Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller, how do I download it? No links on the Intel website, and the only links from google searches were from warez/torrent sites, and I got 3 trojans from those kind of files in the past so I'm staying the hell away from them.


      Btw, win2k_xp14371.exe runs but then when it starts unpacking it freezes at the first one (begins with d, can't remember the name of it) and won't let me close it or anything. Odd glitch where it tells me its closed but doesn't close. I tried quitting both the application and the process. Had to hard restart as usual, I think I may have done that over 100 times with Windows now. xD +1 for Mac and Linux!

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          Sounds like you're overthinking this.  Why don't you install the latest graphics drivers for the GM965?  From Intel documentation it seems the mobile platform is particularly aware of changes in graphics, possibly for external graphics devices.  Go directly to the board driver download page.

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