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    Does the automatic trim really work ?


      Two weeks ago I have successfully updated the firmware of my brand new Intel X25 G2 80GB (to 02HA). I set the ICH9R to AHCI and then installed my brand new Windows 7 OS. I have checked that my ssd was using the MS AHCI driver. So according to Intel, everything was ok to make automatic trim work : 02HA firmware + MS ACHI driver + windows 7.

      Two weeks after,  all my softwares were installed on my ssd (10 GB are free now). I launched Crystal diskmark and I had only 30 MB/s for the "4k write". All the other tests ( 512 k read/write, sequential read/write and 4k read) were also a bit disappointed (but fortunately not as much as the 4k write).

      So I launched the Intel SSD toolbox and ran the ssd optimizer (manual trim). And yes, after that, my ssd is like brand new : 70 MB for the 4k write... (the other values are also higher).


      So, does the automatic trim really do its job ? How can I check that it is really active ?

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