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    Help! Having trouble with PM965 + igxprd32


      Relevant information:

      According to the Intel Chipset Identification Utility, I have the intel chipset: Intel(R)  PM965 Express Chipset

      I am running Windows XP Professional Version 2002 SP2 on a Bootcamp'ed MacBook.



      While playing various videogames (The type or size of the game doesn't seem to matter) I constantly get the igxprd32 error that says:

      "The igxprd32 display driver has stopped working normally. Save yourwork and reboot the system to restore full display functionality."


      I have heard online about people downloading older display drivers in order to fix this problem, but I have spent a frustratingly long amount of time looking on the Intel website and forums and could not find any links to get an older driver.


      What am I to do?


      Please do not answer with "buy a new (this) or (that)", ideally, I am looking for a solution via downloading relevant software such as graphics drivers for this particular chipset. If you have any links with relevant information or downloads, please share them! Thank you.