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    Atom X5 Z8300 Graphics driver?


      I bought a mini PC, the Tronsmart Ara X5 that has the Atom X5 Z8300 Cherry trail SOC onboard.


      There are some issues playing some MKV files where colours are all over the place.


      I ran the Intel driver update utility and it identified an updated driver but the automated installation process fails.


      If I run the setup manually from the downloaded files I receive an error to say that my device is unsupported.


      So I am guessing that the Intel utility is incorrectly identifying the graphics.


      So I am wondering whether there are drivers available for this SOC that I can find and install?

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          Hello Bluesmanuk;

                          Thank you for your enquiry.  But I will need a little more information.

          • Operating system running
          • Device Manager information on the Display adater.
          • What Player you are using for the MKV files.
          • Also could help on what programs are running on the background.


          Henry A.

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            Hi Henry and thanks for the reply.


            It's running Windows 10 64bit home.


            Device manager infor shows the display as simply Intel(R) HD Graphics, which is of course just built into the SOC of the Z8300 by default.


            The driver version is dated 17/07/2015


            The Intel HD Graphics Control panel mentions Device ID 2280, Vendor ID 8086, Device revision 22, GOP version 8.0.1029


            I was using Kodi 15 but have since found that Kodi 16 handles the colour without issue now.


            One other thing that I did find though was that VLC, Potplayer, DVDFab Media Player and Zoom Player Pro all failed to play 1080p video without lots of stutter and would not play any 4k content without it being so bad that you would not want to watch it, which did surprise me when Kodi could and with the new GPU having 4k support to some degree.


            I have pretty much stopped all non essential background services and kept memory utilisation to a bare minimum as I have found that just using 1 program can pretty much take most of the available memory and CPU.

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              Hello Bluesmanuk,


              The Graphics driver for your graphics controller can be provided by the computer manufacturer only. This is because this controller is provided to the system manufacturer but the drivers will be designed by them as this product is specifically for developers.


              My recommendation is to run all windows updates to get the latest drivers from them (sometimes windows provide a lot of fixes) or getting the driver here:



              Kevin M