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    Intel NUC -No display on the monitor


      Dear Intel


      I purchased last week your Intel NUC i3 RYK (the mini version) in the UK for £230 plus 16 GB of RAM and 128GB hard drive - the recommended ones on your site. A total cost of £330.


      I have tried endlessly to boot the NUC, but constantly there is no display on the monitor.


      I have followed the instructions on your site for the numerous times this has happened - open the NUC up, remove the jumper, load BIOS recovery software via a USB stick etc ...BUT still no display.


      I hired a computer technician this weekend to try and help. He spent 2 hours trying to resolve the issue but had no more luck than I had. He cost me £140 for the two hours.


      The result is that I have spent £470 on the Intel NUC, and the best thing it can do is act as a door stop.


      You shouldn't be selling products which just don't work - if NUC stands for next unit of computing then this is a giant leap backwards for mankind.


      Can you reimburse me - as well as spending 2 days of my weekend completely frustrated with a useless NUC?

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          Hello FDlloyd,


          I really apologize for this inconvenience, at this point and not sure what troubleshooting your technician did but I will really appreciate if you could provide me with the SSD model and the RAM part number.


          If you really would like to return the unit, please be aware that Intel provides three years warranty and if we send you a replacement we make sure that it will be working 100%.


          If you would like to replace the unit please contact your local support group and submit a web ticket at: