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    RealSense F200 only stays active for a few seconds at boot up


      Running Windows 10 (clean build)  and my real sense camera only stays on for a few seconds once windows boots.  If I happen to be sitting at my desk it will log me in using Windows Hello, but if I am not in its frame it shuts down and I am forced to use a pin or password.  If I log out Windows still says "looking for your"  but the camera never comes back on.   I can go into setting/accounts/sign in options/windows hello/ select improve facial recognition but the camera still doesn't come back on.  I believe i am running the latest version of the  DCM (intel_rs_dcm_f200_1.4.27.41944) and have uninstalled and reinstalled with reboots and camera pluged in several/ times.  Any suggestion would be appreciated.