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    Updating Intel HD Graphics 3000 caused lower framerates in certain games


      I have a Pavilion dv7-6b77dx with an Intel HD Graphics 3000, I decided to update the driver to the last one available (Version: Date: 06/05/2015).

      After that, games started to have lower framerate than usual. I used to play League of Legends with "High" graphical settings at +50 fps and now I had to lower the graphics to "Medium" to have 60 fps and it stills drops to 30 when there's too much going on screen. Heroes of the Storm runs at an annoying 15-30 fps normally, and drops drastically when there's pretty much anything on screen, and I have everything set to the lowest.

      How can I go back to my previous driver? I went to the properties of the graphics card and the "Roll Back Driver" option is grayed out.