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    intel graphics control panel not openning problem please help


      Hi, this question has been asked here already without being answered, and i ask you for help please.

      I updated to windows 8.1 recently and I can't open the intel graphics control panel since, wether from the desktop (right clikc menu) or from the shortcut (i also went back to the exe file GfxUIEx.exe still nothing, same with the little menu on the notification bar that i lost since i closed it). can't also find the file Gfxv2_0.exe i read about here (it seems it opened it for some) and all my drivers are up to date (yes i've uninstalled the graphics driver and re-installed it again), so does anyone know how to deal with this ? i just click and basically nothing happens.

      My laptop specifications are : asus K56CA, Intel core I53337U 1,8GHz windows 8.1 64bit direct X 11 graphics driver : Intel HD graphics 4000 v10.18.10.3308

      thank you in advance