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    How can I communicate with intel galileo gen 2 via HC-05 (zs-040) bluetooth module from my PC ?


      Hello everyone!

      I have a problem and I will be so grateful if you propose a solution to my problem. I have an Intel Galileo Gen 2 and I tried to communicate with Intel Galileo via HC-05 zs-40 bluetooth module from my computer but I couldn’t accomplish. I have already done the communication with my Arduino Uno and I want to do the same thing with my Intel Galileo. SoftwareSerial library is not supported for Galileos so I’ve decided to connect HC-05 module’s rx and tx pins to Galileo’s tx and rx pins for to use UART which enables the communication between Arduino IDE's serial monitor and Intel Galileo Gen 2 . Unfortunately, I wasn’t succesfull.

      I want to learn how to communicate with Intel Galileo via HC-05 from PC whether it is possible with this bluetooth module or not.

      I will be so happy if you send a message related to my problem.

      Best Regards....